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By taking a safe driver class you WILL save on car insurance.

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There will be no classes until after the holidays.

Winter and Spring Classes will be posted at the end of the year.


Classroom Course New York State DMV Approved


NYS DMV Approved Defesnive Driving Class

Take our 6 hour New York State DMV Certified Point Insurance Reductions Program (PIRP). You can save money, and save lives.

Students in Defensive Driving ClassNew York State Law mandates that ALL insurance companies allow the principal operator, of a motor vehicle, a minimum 10% reduction on Liability, Collision and No-fault Insurance. But you must complete a DMV approved Defensive Driving Course. In these tough economic times why give your money away pointlessly? Save on auto insurance.

Take our  6 hour Point Insurance Reduction Program. It’s offered throughout the Buffalo area. If you are the principal operator of a motor vehicle, not only will you receive the 10% discount. But, you will be eligible for up to a 4 point reduction on your DMV record for the 18 month period prior to completing the course.

You can attend one of our defensive driving Classroom Courses, or you can take the  Internet safe driver class approved for New York and New Jersey. Just click on the menu tab above to find out more.

If you have questions about auto Insurance Reduction, click the FAQ tab. To contact us, click the contact tab.

With today’s high rates, your auto insurance reduction can be substantial for the next three years. Feel free to check our FAQ page to answer questions that you may already have.

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Online Course New York and New Jersey Approved

If you live in New York or New Jersey, take our defensive driving course online. Our online course, through Big Apple Traffic School is considered a leader in the industry. It has received rave reviews by both our customers and even our competitors.

Concerns you may have about an Online Course:

Is my information secure?
Most Definitely. Your information is kept private and used by us solely for the purposes related the course. All your data is SSL encrypted to insure absolute security. And, we have a well established security certificate.

Are there any hidden fees?
Absolutely not.

How soon do I have to complete the course after I sign-up?
You have 30 days to complete the course. You can log on and off as much as you like and pick up right where you left off.

For more information about the online defensive driving course, go to the Online page, or click here.

Our Internet safe driver class has received rave reviews, not only from our students, but even from our competition.

Class Content Includes:

  • Car Crash Physics
  • Driving Laws
  • Safety Equipment
  • Effects of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Right of Way and Intersections
  • Tailgaters and Aggressive Drivers
  • NYS Driver Responsibility Assessment
  • Fatigue
  • Inclement Weather
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Vehicle Malfunctions
  • Several other potential hazards and how to handle them.
  • Dealing with Trucks, Bicycles, and Motorcycles.

In one way or another each of us has been affected by a an avoidable injury or death caused by an auto collision. Drive Safely and Avoid a Crash

When we practice defensive driving and implement good driving habits we can significantly reduce our odds of becoming a crash statistic. Safe driving is no accident. You can take a proactive initiative by taking this course.

By clicking the Videos tab, you can see through the short movies how quickly our lives can be changed forever. Don’t hesitate. Contact us about taking our defensive driving course right here in Western New York.

Take Our Internet Defensive Driver Class: Approved for NY or NJ

Click Here

Defensive Driving Course in Buffalo, NY
 Online Defensive Driver Class NY and NJ

Classroom courses are taught in the Western NY area. Or, you can sign-up for our internet defensive driving course NY NJ. It is approved by both states. And, you will receive the same information and meet the same State requirements as you would in a classroom setting. Nobody can go without a driving school refresher course.

You can receive a 10% discount on your automobile collision, liability, and no-fault insurance. But again, you must be the principal operator of a motor vehicle. This reduction will last for three years, at which time you would have to take the program again. Additionally, you can receive up to 4 points reduced on you license.

Both our internet and classroom programs have received rave reviews. We look forward to helping you save money  and become a safer driver.

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You can obtain a copy of your New York State driving record by clicking the link above. In the event you do not know how many points you may have accrued, this record will certainly inform you. For those with previous traffic infractions this could prove to be valuable information. See our links page.







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